Vegan cheesecake

Preparing a good vegan cheesecake

Preparing a good vegan cheesecake can be tricky because cheesecake contains a lot of animal products. However, there are a lot of recipes for a vegan cheesecake these days. Also, making a good cheesecake is getting easier because more vegan products are coming out, you can find these products in almost every supermarket. By paying attention to a few points you can be sure that your vegan cheesecake will be a success. 

Cheesecake has a distinctive flavor

Of course, one of the most important points of a good cheesecake is that it tastes good. The taste of a good cheesecake is very distinctive. It is a creamy and even a bit of a greasy taste. Also, cheesecakes often have a slightly sour taste. One of the main ingredients of a cheesecake that largely provides the flavor is the cream cheese. Using cashews, you can make a vegan cream cheese that you can then use for a vegan cheesecake. Nowadays, you can also find more and more vegan products in the supermarket including vegan cream cheese. Therefore, a very easy option is to use vegan cream cheese from the supermarket to make a vegan cheesecake.   

The structure of a cheesecake 

The texture of a cheesecake is soft but at the same time firm. It can sometimes be difficult to achieve this structure with a vegan cheesecake. Nevertheless, it is certainly possible to recreate the structure of a non vegan cheesecake. When creating the right texture, it is important to use the right amounts of ingredients. If you use too much whipped cream you run the risk that the cheesecake will be too soft and may fall apart. One of the ways you can make a vegan cheesecake firmer is by adding agar agar. Also, using whipped fat from coconut milk can provide a firmer texture. 

The thickness of the cheesecake 

While this may not be something you immediately think of, the shape of the cheesecake is also important. A cheesecake is usually made in a round shape. Even more important, however, is the thickness of the cheesecake. If the cheesecake is too high, you run more risk of it collapsing. Therefore, it is extra important that the cheesecake is firm enough. Another disadvantage of a too thick cheesecake is that it can be difficult to bake it properly. The cheesecake will need to spend a lot longer in the oven to be fully baked. With a cheesecake that is too thin, on the other hand, you run the risk that it can burn quickly.

The bottom of a vegan cheesecake

The bottom is also an important part of the cheescake. It is important that this bottom remains crispy when the cheesecake is placed on top of it. The bottom of a cheesecake is made of cookies and butter. Even with a vegan cheesecake, you can easily create a firm bottom in this way. Instead of using butter with animal ingredients, for a vegan cheesecake you use vegetable butter. In addition, you will have to use cookies that do not contain any animal products. In a classic cheesecake, cookie cookies are used. Fortunately, there are also a lot of cookie cookies that are suitable for making a vegan base.

Baked or no bake 

A classic cheesecake is often baked in the oven. However, in addition, there are many recipes that allow you to make a cheesecake that does not need to be baked in the oven. The same goes for a vegan cheesecake, you can find both recipes for baked and no bake cheesecakes. One of the big advantages of a no bake cheesecake is that they are easier to prepare. This is because with a no bake cheesecake you don't run the risk of the ingredients being mixed too long and the cheesecake cracking. Of course, there is also no chance that the cheesecake is baked too long or not long enough.  

Decorating a vegan cheesecake 

There are lots of different options for decorating a cheesecake. For example, you can use many different kinds of fruit to decorate a cheesecake with. Fruits that are often used as decorations include banana, blueberry and strawberry. The choice of fruit is a matter of taste, if you have made a particular flavor of cheesecake it is a good idea to match the decoration to it. Another popular option for decorating cheesecake is to use chocolate. There is a lot of chocolate out there that is vegan and can be used perfectly for decorating a cheesecake. You can either choose to use melted chocolate or pieces of chocolate.

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