Multi-trunk tree

Multi-trunk tree

A multi-stemmed tree is, as the name suggests, a tree with multiple trunks. Growers can achieve this by pruning the trunks to a certain height at an early age. It is important that the bottom is narrow and the more you go up, the thicker the trunk. Often they are cut to 1 or 2 meters and the trunks become very visible. They are often compared to a shrub, but when you look closely you know exactly when it's a tree or a shrub. The trees have less leaves and the trunks are in the center.

Which varieties of Multi-trunk tree are available?

There are several species of the multi-trunked tree. The most popular one we know is the Chinese Maple, which can be seen throughout almost all of the Netherlands. There are also less popular thorny trees that are cultivated multistemmed. Take the Norway Maple for example, which is characterized by its bright green leaves. But also various species of thorns with red leaves are grown as multi-stems by nurseries. The black alder with the thicker trunks is also a common tree. We also often enjoy the multi-stemmed horse chestnut trees from which delicious chestnuts come out in the autumn. Of course, there are also multi-trunked varieties such as the currant tree with narrower trunks. The Japanese Hornbeam also belongs to these species.

What are the advantages of this tree?

The biggest advantage of the multi-stemmed tree is that it can occupy a large space in people's gardens. In this way, a lot of shade can be created, but it also looks beautiful with such a full bunch of leaves and branches. The vistas are also beautiful because sometimes a lot of light can get through. Often they are also greener or a different color because they complement each other as it were. This is not only nice for yourself, but it also contributes to a healthier environment with more oxygen. They also give more privacy in relation to the neighbors. It also has a nicer look than placing a fence. Some people place these trees to compensate for a full bush in between. This eliminates the effect and creates more peace.

These multi-trunk tree varieties are popular

The Golden Trumpet Tree is a multi-stemmed tree that is becoming increasingly popular. This tree characterizes itself by the golden yellow leaves with which it shines. This provides a little more contrast in nature, but also in the garden it can be a good addition. The plum-leaved hawthorn is also an increasingly common species. This has dark green leaves and provides a dark color in the garden. This is ideal for creating an intimate corner or a place in the shade. The Japanese walnut, on the other hand, can provide a bit of a cheerful, yet neutral colour. It has dark orange leaves. The false Christ's maple is also multi-stemmed and has leaves that are very close together. They are like feathers, which gives it a luxurious look. These trunks have an average thickness, but a distinctive brown color which distinguishes them. Often not the entire stem is covered with leaves.

How to maintain a multi-trunk tree?

Basically, a multi-stem tree requires the same maintenance as a normal tree. However, you do have to deal with some extra pruning work, because you want the tree to have a good view through. The new shoots which appear from the roots are usually pruned as well. This also applies to the bald stems which start to grow. It is best to do this in the summer. Then the tree has the most resistance and can recover for the cold autumn and winter time. When you buy a young tree, it is important to temporarily support the trunks with tree poles. This way they can grow into the multi-stemmed tree you want. Depending on your wishes, you can have the shape of the tree grow to your liking. You can do this by using tree poles or special pruning techniques.

The holm oak one of the many species

The holm oak is a good example of a multi-trunked tree. The biggest advantage of this tree is that it has leaves in both summer and winter. It does have a deeper rooting, so you don't have to worry about tiles coming up. There are many possibilities in terms of size to grow. You can plant them from a small height in the garden, but you can also wait until they have a nice stem. The climate in the Netherlands is excellent for growing holm oaks. Keep in mind that every summer you should make sure that the trees are pruned properly. This keeps the beautiful shape and you can enjoy the same effect year after year. Over the years you will see this beautiful tree flourish more and more. Many people also benefit from the extra oxygen this tree provides.

Multi-trunked tree olive willow

The multi-stemmed olive willow tree has strong resistance and is less susceptible to disease than any other tree. In addition, its Mediterranean character fits into almost any style of garden. He can grow to a height of 3 meters, so it is limited. This also ensures that you have a manageable tree that you can easily maintain. He is easy to maintain and pruning is quite simple. In the spring it produces beautiful white flowers. The green leaves in combination with the flowers give a peaceful but also natural look to the garden. Many people choose this tree because it gives a certain atmosphere. Most indicate that it is like they are on holiday in Italy only in their own garden. A tree has more functions than just being beautiful. The tree can also ensure that you in the summer at a certain place can sit cool. In addition, the light between the trunks by a separate and unique effect.

Prunus nigra one of the most expensive multi-trunk tree species for sale

Prunus nigra, also known as the Prunus prune, is one of the most expensive multi-trunk trees in the world. This is also a unique multi-trunk tree due to its upright position. He can grow up to 12 meters high and can stand the wind well. This tree is also hardy. In the summer he gets a nice purple color with beautiful pointed leaves. During the autumn he has more of a black color, but you can see him change over time. He does best in the full sun. The thin trunks are ice strong and this tree can be grown up to 8 meters wide. Depending on your wishes you can take a look at the tree nursery in your neighbourhood. They can also advise you best.

Why do people choose these trees?

Many people choose a multi-trunk tree because they are unique. Each tree is a picture in itself and almost no multi-stem variant is the same. This ensures that you can place it in both large and small gardens. In addition, the trunks ensure that some light still comes through the shade without it being too hot. People often choose a full tree so they can sit nice and cool in the summer, but you can also choose a modest tree. It's like with other items in the garden a matter of taste what suits you best.

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