Buy Jack Russell

Buy Jack Russell

Most people choose to buy a Jack russel puppy because this dog has a very playful character. He also just looks cute with the pointed ears and the nose sticking straight out like a tracker dog. Originally this dog was only bred in England. However, since 1999 it has also been bred in the Netherlands by approved breeders. This has led to 2 breeds, but the standard is a nice dog of 20-35cm in size. The larger ones are less common and are often more difficult to handle with children. It is a smart dog that likes to do sports and games. He likes to move, but he also likes to search for a ball or other object. In terms of care, he needs very little. Because of his short hair it is only occasionally necessary to brush him. They also do not eat very much, making it an affordable dog.

Where can you buy a Jack russel?

You can buy a Jack russel at a recognized breeder. It is a dog that benefits from a clear education and dosed eating. The dog can quickly develop a belly so regular exercise and eating in moderation is something the breeder insists on from the beginning. At a certified breeder you are often allowed to see the mother dog. So you know it is not a breeder who constantly lends his dogs to others. They also often offer a guarantee of at least 1 year. This applies specifically to hereditary diseases that could have been seen in advance. This way you have your money back if the dog dies quickly. This makes the loss a little less severe. Dogs also have to deal with hereditary diseases and this cannot always be determined in advance.

Here's what to look out for if you're going to buy this dog

When you want to buy a Jack russel puppy it is important to pay attention to several points. So you get at the recognized breeder always a health statement. They have this drawn up by a vet and so the consumer knows what he or she buys. Any defects or diseases are noted in it. This way you know what you're getting into and you won't get any surprises afterwards. You also get an animal passport which may already contain his first vaccinations. It is important that you get the vaccinations in the first years of life so the dog can build up his resistance. After that it's a free choice, but prevention is better than cure. Often you get a contract with which you have rights in the first year of purchase. Unexpected hereditary diseases or restrictions are not always visible in a puppy. Usually this develops in the first year and that is why a recognized breeder gives a guarantee.

Why is buying a Jack russel popular?

The Jack russel is so popular because of the character in combination with the outer beauty. Many people find it a fun and playful dog, but it also goes well with children. It is a smart dog that likes to be challenged and can never have enough exercise. He looks like a real tracker dog with his pointed ears and straight nose. This is the biggest reason why children are so fond of this particular dog.

Buy a Jack russel and enjoy years of this sweet present dog

A Jack russel can become 16 years old and is therefore a dog you can buy for the entire youth of your children. Even adults love this dog because he is always cheerful and playful. It is also a dog that you can walk with during good weather. They have a high stamina and they are also very smart. It is a nice dog for young and old who want to play and walk with the dog all day long. This dog loves to do activities. There are several breeders who sell these dogs with a good health.

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