Standing clock

Standing clock

The longcase clock in itself is not something new. The first one was designed more than 350 years ago. Germany was the first, but nowadays our collection is almost as large. The advantage of a longcase clock is that you really have an eye catcher in your home. Many people also find it more pleasant to read because they are often not too high so that reading the time has become a piece of cake. They are often made of wood which gives them a warm appearance. However, in recent years there are also several designed of metal and plastic because it better fits within the interior wishes of people. Also, these clocks are often equipped with a unique clock and special striking mechanism. This ensures that you know exactly when the hour is past, but also gives more atmosphere to the house. After a while you can hardly hear it anymore.

Why people choose a Floor Clock

People increasingly choose a longcase clock because it looks good in the interior. It is often an object that you use as the highlight of a room. One chooses to place it against the wall, while another places it by the window. You often have a pendulum and mechanical movement which provides a unique sound. In addition, you can often adjust it yourself with a small key. It also gives a unique feeling to the good old days that you often have received in the upbringing. Often these clocks are unique produced on order so no one else has exactly the same clock. Wood is namely a living product with natural always a unique grain. This gives extra atmosphere to the interior. It is a durable product because these clocks can last for years without needing maintenance. Many people have these clocks for 25 years or more before they need to be repaired.

What can you do with this clock?

The longcase clock is one of the most unique clocks you can buy. Not only is it a large object which is a nice eye catcher, but they also feature a unique striking mechanism. Many people choose to have it go off every half hour or hour. This way you always know when it's time to go or stop gaming. Most drums are still made in the original way. Because of the traditional production and the rising price of wood, it's often a big investment. However, it is true that most of these clocks will last a lifetime. Often they have the ability to set up to 4 tones. So you could choose to hear a tone every 15 minutes. Often the number of beats is composed on this. At a quarter past it goes 1x and at a quarter to 3x. Also most people choose that per number of hours so many sounds are heard. This is at 3 o'clock 3x and at 9 o'clock 9x. However, there are also models that can handle 24 hours so that at 12 o'clock at night you hear the clock strike 24 times.

Create the perfect picture in the living room with a Floor Clock

Often a standing clock is a perfect item that you put in the middle of the living room. However, you can also choose to put it in a different place. In most cases it is nicest if you put it in the middle of a room. The advantage of a wooden clock is that you can paint it in your own color if you want. However, most people like it that it is made of wood. Wood is a product that has many unique characteristics. Not one clock is exactly the same as another in principle. Usually people like the clock best with the authentic roman numerals. Sometimes they also have a second hand. This is often a lot smaller than the other hands. The hour hand is in most cases slightly larger than the second hand. The number of minutes is usually indicated by the largest hand. Of course you can choose a different structure, but most people find this the best because they have learned it.

What makes these clocks unique?

The longcase clock is often a unique object because they are made to order. Also, in most cases it is not possible to order 2 exactly the same types of wooden clocks. These models always have a certain grain that is different with each product. The plastic or metal models which are often cheaper can be made exactly the same.

What variations of a Floor Clock are there ?

There are different variants of the standing clock. The most famous is the standing clock made of wood that you place as an eye-catcher in a room. But also the table clock is seen as a standing clock. You place them in a standing position on a table. They are often characterized by unique wood structures. The clocks that are made of other materials are often available in different colors. These are slightly less warm in appearance, but this may also be just what you are looking for.

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