Adopt a dog

Adopt a dog

Many people want a dog in coronation time, and think of adopting a dog. But what they often don't think of is that later on they will be working outside the house again and that the dog needs to be able to be alone as well. You don't have a dog just because it is convenient, you have a dog his whole life! For a long time it was so that shelters in the Netherlands were suddenly empty, because many people wanted to walk and now had all the time for a dog. Even people who had hardly any experience had to get a dog and went to a lot of trouble to do so. Also on the internet they searched a lot and so they got a dog. But is a dog healthy? Does a dog have a legal passport and all vaccinations? This weet you only when that a veterinary surgeon will examine a dog. If you want a dog, you have to look at your current situation, do you have time for a dog, can the dog be alone, or can you teach him? If you have to work outside your home will you have the time for your dog that he needs? Adopting a dog sounds nice and is a good choice if you have all the time for it and know what you are getting into! We will go into that a little further. 

Dogs for adoption

There are many dogs offered for adoption. The question is only what is the reason that the dogs are offered for adoption? You have for example breeders, they suddenly have a lot of dogs and then they offer them one by one. It often looks cute, a puppy, people want it and then a few sweet pictures and they are sold. But you often have to do some more research about where the dog comes from, why a dog has to leave, what the past is of the dog. Maybe the dog has been traumatized and can't be alone or has always lived on the streets. If you know more about this then you can honestly give an answer if you can offer the dog a good home. Adopt a dog, many people can say that to you quickly, but it's about what you want, what you stand behind. You don't have to want a dog from one day to the next, it's about taking the time to find a good match. You don't have a dog for a couple of months or a year, you start a relationship for the whole life of the dog. You have to be honest with yourself if you can give the dog what he needs. 

To adopt dogs from abroad, do it or not?

Opinions are divided when you look at the proposition of adopting a dog from abroad. But that does not mean that it cannot be a good choice. It depends on where the dog comes from, and what experience you have. A few things you should pay attention to when adopting a dog from abroad:

  • Where does the dog come from? It can be that the dog comes from far away, and then first has to get all the vaccinations there and only in a few months can come to our country. Ask you then also how the dog used to live there, was the dog always on the street? Was he always in the kennel or on a chain? Is he used to people or just a pack animal?
  • How old is the dog? A pup can still learn a lot and you need a lot of time and patience for that. Another dog can of course have been through a lot more, but you want him to have a good old age in your home. Make sure you have the right circumstances to offer your dog that. 
  • Is it a recognized organization where you adopt the dog from? You have to pay attention to that because they make sure that the dogs are checked properly, get an EU passport and also make sure that they have the vaccinations when they cross the border.
  • Can the dog be with other dogs or with children? You will need to know a few things about this if it is possible in your family situation. 
  • What is the past of the dog you want to adopt from abroad? Can you offer the dog a safe home, quietly get used to eg other animals or family members? The dog will have to learn a lot, sometimes a dog needs to get used to people, to a car, to food from a bowl, to walking on a leash and many other things that seem normal to us. So a lot of time is needed when you choose to adopt a dog.  
  • What conditions apply if you want to adopt a dog from abroad? Often a home visit is planned and after a while they can still come and see how the dog is doing. 
  • How much time have you for the dog? In the beginning you will not be able leave the dog alone and you have all time necessary the dog to get used to everything, but not to overexcite. On time rest is of large importance and the dog needs an own spot for that. 
  • Can you quietly let the dog get used to it and socialize? This is really important in the first weeks and especially to let the dog get used to the new environment and not to ask too much of him. The dog has been through a lot to make the journey here and needs some time to recover.

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