How many scoops of coffee

How many scoops of coffee per cup?

Depending on the size of your spoon, you can determine how many scoops of coffee are needed per cup. The ideal ratio is 12 grams of coffee per cup and 200 ml of water. Of course opinions differ on this because everyone likes a different taste. For espresso you make it stronger and for a black cup of coffee you use less. If you want to measure how many scoops of coffee you need you should look for a special coffee scoop. You can also use a spoon but then you don't always have the same amount of coffee. With company coffee machines you can make the perfect cup every day. Here you do not have to worry about how many scoops of coffee you need but just set the number of grams per cup.

Make filter coffee

Many people wonder how many scoops of coffee they need for that nice cup of coffee. Depending on the water tank of your coffee machine you can determine this. The ideal ratio is 12 grams per 200 milliliters but if you like stronger coffee then a lot of people use 15-20 grams per 200 milliliters. It also depends on the grind you choose. In general the coarse grind has a more powerful taste than the quick filter grind. This also applies to bean machines. For these, a certain strength is described on the bag. Often you can set your automatic coffee machine on a certain setting of grind or amount. This allows you to determine the perfect cup of coffee for you.

How many scoops of coffee Douwe Egberts?

Douwe Egberts says they use 7 grams per cup of coffee. This is because they use smaller cups, namely 125 litres because in proportion this is also about 12 grams per 200 millilitres. But how many scoops of coffee you really need is up to you. We often see that people who add sugar and milk drink weaker coffee. With the black coffee drinkers you see the opposite. To give you an indication you can use these guidelines. Douwe Egberts also has company automatic coffee machines where you do not have to worry about the number of scoops of coffee. Because of the built-in scales in these machines, you can simply enter the number of grams. This technique is much more accurate than the scoops.

Coffee spoons

To determine how many scoops of coffee you need you need to look at the measurements on your coffee scoop. The triangle model often has a size of 4 to 8 grams of coffee depending on which one you buy. Now some coffee suppliers also have scoops that are exactly 6 grams. This allows you to mimic the ideal ratio to make the perfect cup. Then you also have the more square variety that allows you to measure 2 cups of coffee at once. These vary from 12 to 18 grams. Most people use a level scoop as a measure. But depending on how strong you want it you decide how many scoops of coffee you want in your cup.

How many scoops of coffee for company vending machines

With company automats you do not work with the question how many scoops of coffee per cup. Here you set a certain number of grams. In advance these are usually set just a bit too lax, namely 40 grams. In the manual it says that you can choose between 35 and 50 grams. The ideal amount is of course 48 grams.

But there is also a difference between instant coffee and coffee beans. Because the beans are freshly ground they have a stronger taste. You therefore need fewer grams than with a quick-filter grind. Depending on the taste you choose you can adjust this. If you have red brand coffee, for example, it is stronger than the quick-filter coffee. But Italian coffee is even stronger, so you will need less of it in grams. You can argue about taste, but find your perfect size and enjoy it every day.

Making coffee with a spoon

Making coffee with a spoon is a special skill. You don't count how many scoops of coffee you use per cup but you usually use a level spoon. Because of the round shape there can be some deviation in the taste experience. This is less often the case with a custom-made scoop. It also takes a lot of effort to create the perfect size, which is why it is rarely used.

Weighing coffee yourself

If you find it difficult to determine how many scoops of coffee you should use per cup, you can of course weigh it. You can use a kitchen scale to determine the ideal weight and this can also be seen on the hands or display. Make sure you put the filter in the scale to avoid wasting it. And of course it saves you having to wash up again! Every blend is different, so you can also vary the number of grams. Fully automatic coffee machines weigh the grams themselves. Often you can choose 4 different settings. The automatic machines do have an adjustable number of grams. It can differ per brand. You have espresso grind and quick filter grind. The strength of espresso is much higher and you probably need less of it.

Coffee facts

How many scoops of coffee per cup is a subject of much debate. Now it appears that the guidelines are actually for a minimum of a half-full pot. The standard is based on 6 cups of coffee. If you make less, you will have to make more coffee. This is probably because the water will be absorbed more into the filter. That sounds pretty logical since it is much less filled.

Did you know that there are even companies that recommend 55 grams per liter of water. The question is not how many scoops of coffee, but this is easier to measure with a scale. In recipe books it is often said that you need 50 to 60 grams. But this all depends on the brand of coffee you buy. The filter coffee has a weaker taste than the red brand coffee. That is why you cannot determine a fixed quantity. Taste is something you can argue about, so make it the way you like it.

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