Humidity in the house

Reduce humidity in the house

Would you like to lower the humidity in your home? Then it's good to find out what the options are. When you are looking for a house, you often want peace and comfort. You want to enjoy your life and decorate your house tastefully. Unfortunately, in practice you often find that the humidity in the house is too high. This can disturb the living pleasure. The result is that it can also cause a worse health. You don't want to think about that and that is why it is good that you are going to see what you can do about it. Through this article you can find out because there are many tips on how you can do something about it. 

Ideal humidity

Do you know what the ideal humidity is? It is good that you are going to delve into that. It ensures that you have much more comfort in your home if it is in order. When the humidity is too high, you can get problems. Some people with lung diseases have to pay attention to this and otherwise their health can only deteriorate. This of course has to be prevented, but fortunately the humidity in the house can be lowered and controlled in many ways. But in order to take action, it is first good to check how the air in your own home is doing. This can be measured and you should take a look at that. Based on that we can see what you can do about it.  

Ideal humidity in the house

The ideal humidity in the house is 40-55%, but there are plenty of factors that can make it too high. How do you get the ideal humidity in the house?

  • Insulate well. A lot of moisture in your home must be prevented, which is why good insulation is vital. You want to keep the moisture from outside out. But you also need to prevent the dry air from the heating system or the cool air from the air conditioning system from getting lost. In newly built houses there is often already good insulation. But an older house often does not meet all the new possibilities. A good look at the insulation can often reveal plenty of room for improvement. 
  • Good ventilation is also important, so you can let the excess moisture out of your house. You can think of the natural ventilation and that can be through doors and windows, but you might also have a chimney or vents. There are some rooms in the house where the humidity is higher anyway, like in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Here the ventilation is very important, so open the windows more often.
  • Plants in the home are also important. They can remove excess moisture from your home to begin with, they keep the humidity in the house at a proper level. But pay attention to what plants you buy because not all of them do.  
  • A hygrometer can also be a good option and so you can consider hanging it in the house as well and then you can keep a close eye on the humidity in the house. It should then be between 40-55% and then you will know that it is okay and otherwise you can do the necessary to lower the humidity in the house.  
  • What many people do in the winter, is turning up the heating to be nice and warm. In addition, they often put containers with water on the windowsill or other places in the house. This has an influence on the humidity in the house and you want to regulate it as good as possible. Pay attention to this and stay busy with it, every season again. 

As you can read there are plenty of things you can do to lower the humidity in your home. Make sure you also take action when it's necessary in your house. This gives you a better living environment and that contributes to good health. 

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