What is a blackboard?

A blackboard is mainly used for electronic teaching in education. But of course you can also use it for work meetings or courses. It is an easy way to share information with a large group. You can also discuss with groups via the blackboard. It is also possible to watch videos. You can watch almost anything that can be viewed digitally.

The course

The blackboard was invented by an American company back in 1997. At the time, its purpose was also to be used for educational purposes. But nowadays, blackboard serves more purposes, such as company presentations or courses that you can follow partly via the internet. But also in evening schools it is used a lot. Because not all purposes are feasible at this time, especially Dutch and Flemish educational institutions are switching over. This is probably also due to the high cost price, which a Samsung, for example, is able to deliver on a limited scale but at a lower price. But when you buy a good product, you don't have to worry about the money!

What do you buy a blackboard for?

A blackboard is mostly bought for educational purposes. Several driving schools use it as teaching material. But also a university in Utrecht could not do without. Teaching through an electronic learning environment is simply of our time. That is why a blackboard or another variant is indispensable in education. Besides following assignments and taking exams, there are many more possibilities. An instructional video or film can also be played on the blackboard. But you can also hold a discussion without sound via here. It is a good way to strengthen the contact between teacher and student and to divide any extra attention cleverly.

What is the added value of a blackboard?

A blackboard complements the existing teaching method of our time. You can profit optimally from the advantages that a blackboard offers. You have an overview of what the students are discussing and you can respond to this. But also people who understand the assignment well can show it to their fellow classmates. By using a digital location, everyone comes together. But it is also better for the environment because you waste less paper. For people who have difficulty dealing with social pressure, this is also an invention. They can still make themselves heard via the computer without fear. Also, a teacher can cleverly divide his attention between the students so you get even better guidance.

Blackboard teachers

Teachers can use a blackboard for explaining the lesson material. But also for showing video material that goes with the lesson. With one push on the button you can get the calendar for the students. This way they don't have to write this down in a paper agenda anymore. The excuse of I did not know is not valid anymore. They could have looked at it in the digital learning environment. It also offers insights into who is doing less well. So you can see earlier where it goes wrong. But you can also make interesting links or extra material available per student. This way, those who want to study in more depth can also take that extra step.

Blackboard students

A blackboard for students is often set up in such a way that there is a clear structure. This enables them to switch between subjects, calendars and courses. But they can also access this information from anywhere in the world. So there is never any confusion anymore because of not writing down assignments. The teacher can also watch you from a distance and provide guidance if necessary. This way there is more attention for the student and it is easier to see where things go wrong. The students who need extra attention will stand out and will get the attention they deserve.

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