Madiran wine

The origins of Madiran wine

Madiran wine comes from the French wine region Madiran. The wines made here are usually the red wine varieties. Grapes grown here consist of 40-60 % tannat. The rest you can supplement with, for example, Cabernet Sauvignon. There is also a wine course that focuses on the Madiran wine. With the supple yet full-bodied aftertaste you have a real top wine in the house. The best way to drink Madiran wine is with a spicy dish. It also has sulphite in it, which is created by the fermentation process. It helps to keep the wine fresh and to prevent oxidation. With this wine it is like a weekend away in the French wine region.

Madiran wine delivery

They also deliver the Madiran wine at home. This wine has many fruity flavors and a smooth aftertaste, but is also full and powerful. It is a wine that you can combine well with dishes that are spicy. In contrast to the standard red wines it is best to serve this wine lightly chilled. The wine contains sulphite which makes it fresh. When you choose to have your wine delivered, we will make sure it is well packaged. With this red Madiran wine you make the right choice. You can choose from different delivery options. But the most important thing is that the wine is packaged with care and that it is firmly in the box. So you can immediately enjoy this delicious wine at home.

Wine course Madiran wine

During a wine course you will taste different types of Madiran wine. It is a red wine that consists for 40-60% of tannat. You will also find sulphite in the wine which is created during the fermentation process. Sulphite in wine ensures that the fermentation process is slowed down and keeps the oxidation from happening. Furthermore, it may be supplemented by various other types of grapes. This happens for example with Cabernet Sauvignon. At the end of the course you can also order these wines. We will deliver the wine to your home.

Sulphite in wine

Sulphite in Madiran wine is created during the fermentation process. It is an indispensable factor for keeping this type of wine fresh. It also has a protective effect against bacteria and fungi. Many winemakers see this as the most important element for the wine. Therefore you will find it in the Madiran wine. But it also extends the life of the wine. The undesirable odors and flavors that occur during the fermentation process will disappear from the wine. This substance can make your wine a success or a flop. That's why we couldn't do without it to achieve a great result. Customers appreciate the wine highly.

Madiran grape

The Madiran wine comes from the wine region of Madiran. In the 16e century this type of wine was exported mainly to Russia and Finland. Since 1948 this wine is exported throughout Europe. We would not be able to imagine our wine assortment without it. It is a dark-colored grape variety with a spicy and powerful aftertaste. Most people think it smells like raspberries. But there are also people who claim it tastes like cherries and gooseberries. It is a red wine that contributes to a good heart and better circulation in the blood vessels. The grape must ripen for five years to make a supple and soft aroma. After this the wine can be kept for 3 to 4 years. You can choose to have this wine delivered.

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